The Wonderful World of Grimm!

We were very proud of Grimm at Halloween. He entered a doggie costume contest and won 4th prize. He was awarded all sorts of treats including a frisbee that is as big as he is, a new leash and some yummy snacks. Way to go Grimm! He went as a "devil" -- how appropriate.

As you can see from the pictures he was less than enthusiastic about wearing the "hat" portion of the outfit. He couldn't wait to get it off.

Grimm is just over a year old now. This will be his first Christmas with us. I imagine their will be a few presents in his stocking this year.

He does seem to like to pose for the camera. Here is he by the window in the living room (watching for squirrels) and in his sweater by the fireplace. Grimm loves to snuggle and we often catch him burrowing in the blankets on the bed and couch.

Check back every now and then to see new pictures.

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