The gang's all here!

Ronan in his Eagles jersey (note: need to get him a Cowboys jersey)

Baba and Dyado with Ronan in June 2007

Ronan with Dyado in June 2007.

Ronan with cousins Jack and Olivia.

Down on the farm at Aunt Evelyn and Uncle John's in Ohio.

Ronan posing with Tricia's chickens.

Ronan in Gamika's glasses.

Ronan fell asleep with Grandma watching the rainstorm in Ohio.

Ronan's 4th birthday party.

Ronan getting "help" with presents.

Ronan and his special friend, Casey.

Ronan with his birthday cupcakes.

Waiting to make a wish.

Our fabulous pumpkins!

In the pumpkin patch.

In the pumpkin patch.

In the pumpkin patch.

The monkey and his organ grinder!

Ready for Trick-or-Treating!

Ronan Cashel Morano!

Welcome Ronan! Ronan officially joined the family on May 17th, 2007.

Lou and Ronan - first trip in December 2006!

Misty and Ronan - first trip in December 2006!

Altogether now! - first trip in December 2006!

Cathedral of St. George

Sofia Mosque in the heart of the city

Bulgarian presidential guards

Alexander Nevski Russian Orthodox Church - detail of front door

Alexander Nevski Russian Orthodox Church

Sunken church -- at one time, Christian churches were forbidden from being built higher than the height of a man riding on a horse, so the structures were built down into the ground.

Reunion with Ronan in May 2007

Well in a historic village in the Bulgarian hills -- Arbanassi

Ronan in his rocket pajamas at the hotel in Sofia

Outside the window of the hotel in Sofia

Signs outside a cafe in Sofia -- Bulgarian food pyramid? Seems like sweets and liquor are the staples here -- maybe we will stay!

Bulgarian food pyramid?

Brushing your teeth with a hat on improves effectiveness

Lou setting a good example

Misty with the Sofia lion

Proud papa!

The journey home begins

Lou is still sane in this picure - soon to change.

Making cookies in Charlotte

Grandma and Grandpa Ritchie with their first grandchild!